Futomaki Roll

The Futomaki Roll is the quintessential sushi classic – unmistakable in its appearance and appeal.  Futomaki is made by wrapping sushi rice, fish and vegetables in a sheet of toasted nori, which is then rolled into a cylindrical shape and sliced into bite sized pieces.

One of the main points of appeal with the Futomaki Roll is that it can be stuffed with absolutely any ingredients you like. It can be made to suit the requirements of vegetarian and vegan diners, or packed with the highest quality fish and seafood.  When most people think of sushi, they think of the Futomaki Roll – the true Japanese classic.

What is the difference between Maki and Futomaki?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific difference at all between Maki and Futomaki. A common confusion, the Futomaki Roll is simply a type of Maki sushi. The world ‘Maki’ in Japanese translates as ‘Roll’ while ‘Futo’ translates as ‘Fat’.

Combine the two and you have Futomaki – or Fat Roll sushi. A term that perfectly describes the type of sushi you’re looking at – a thick, generously filled and deeply satisfying sushi roll, with limitless scope for experimentation with delicious ingredients.

What is Seafood Futomaki?

Exactly as the name suggests, Seafood Futomaki is a form of Futomaki that comes loaded with a wide variety of different types of seafood. Futomaki is a large and generously filled form of sushi, paving the way for experimentation with an array of fresh flavours.

Some types of Seafood Futomaki may feature one type of seafood (like salmon) presented in a large central slice. Others may combine salmon or tuna with crabmeat, surimi and additional ingredients like chives and avocado. 

IRO Sushi offers a wide variety of different types of seafood sushi, which in all instances can be customised to suit the tastes and preferences of our diners.

Futomaki Roll for Vegans & Vegetarians

The versatility of the Futomaki Roll is one of its main points of appeal. A Futomaki Roll can be customised with a limitless choice of fillings, making it the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans. 

Some of the most popular Futomaki Rolls are filled with an array of crispy, crunchy and brightly coloured vegetables. Perhaps accompanied with Japanese omelette and mayonnaise, or with no animal products whatsoever for vegan diners. 

At IRO Sushi, we’re always delighted to cater to the diet requirements and preferences of vegans, vegetarians and diners with food allergies or sensitivities. Call or e-mail if you have any questions about the ingredients in our dishes.

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