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IRO Sushi Delivery Service

At IRO Sushi, our goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible for our customers to get their hands on London’s freshest and most enjoyable sushi. That’s why we’re proud to work with an extensive network of delivery services, covering almost all homes and businesses across the capital.

You’ll find IRO Sushi available for delivery via Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Hungry House, Just Eat, Open Table countless other top-name delivery services. We also offer a delivery service of our own – order direct from IRO Sushi and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your order.

Check out IRO Sushi using your favourite food delivery app, or contact your nearest IRO Sushi location anytime for more information on our direct delivery service.

Deliveroo Japanese Sushi

One of the most popular and successful names on the Japanese sushi delivery scene, Deliveroo is one of our delivery partners here at IRO Sushi. To date, the company has built an audience of around 6 million people, of which the vast majority are from the UK.  Headquartered in London, Deliveroo has a huge library of 140,000 restaurants and takeaways, delivered by more than 110,000 riders worldwide.

Deliveroo is a reliable and reputable delivery company, where you’ll find a wide selection of dishes and specials from IRO Sushi. Place your Japanese sushi order day or night using the IRO Sushi app, or contact IRO Sushi to place your order directly to receive a 10% discount on your meal. 

Uber Eats Japanese Sushi

Perhaps the most widely recognised food delivery service on the scene, Uber Eats has an audience of approximately 66 million users worldwide. Millions of people across London have come to count on Uber Eats to deliver their favourite Japanese sushi and authentic Asian cuisine to their homes and businesses. Uber Eats has a huge network of drivers and riders spanning the capital, making it quick and easy to get your hands on whatever takes your fancy.

Uber Eats Japanese sushi is available at most hours of day and night, typically with a small additional service charge and a delivery fee. Order your IRO Sushi from Uber Eats, or place your order direct with your nearest IRO Sushi outlet for a 10% discount.

Just Eat Japanese Sushi

Just Eat Japanese sushi is a popular choice for millions of customers across the UK, every day of the week. Now an iconic name on the food delivery scene, Just Eat came out of nowhere to become a massive global success story. The brand currently works with around 36,000 restaurants in the UK, processing no fewer than 590 million orders per year worldwide.

Ordering Japanese sushi with the Just Eat app couldn’t be easier, where you will find an extensive range of dishes from IRO Sushi. Take advantage of the various offers and discounts Just Eat offers its customers, or order your Japanese sushi delivery with IRO Sushi direct for a 10% discount.

Food Locate Japanese Sushi

Food Locate was established to provide discerning diners with a one-stop resource for everything there is to know about the best restaurants. From menus to pricing to food related news, it’s all right there in one place. Along with organising Japanese sushi delivery through Food Locate, the service can also be used to book tables and find out which restaurants are making waves in your postcode right now. They even offer an archive of recipes and provide plenty of information on various international cuisines.

Japanese sushi delivery via Food Locate comes highly recommended – as does their quick and convenient table booking facility. Alternatively, save 10% on your order when you contact IRO Sushi direct for the fastest and freshest Japanese sushi delivery in London.

Open Table Japanese Sushi

Open Table has been around for some time, but continues to be one of the web’s most popular services for booking tables at restaurants. Open table does not provide Japanese sushi delivery as such, but instead links diners with their favourite restaurants and provides plenty of helpful information. Menu options, pricing guides, reviews and recommendations – Open Table has helped more than 2 billion people make informed decisions about where they eat since its debut. 

Booking a table at IRO Sushi via Open Table is easy. But as you’re already on the IRO Sushi website, why not book directly with your nearest IRO Sushi location?  Reserve your table online, or contact your local IRO Sushi location for more information. 

Food Hub Japanese Sushi

Food Hub is slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned with on the food delivery scene. Now covering most major towns and cities across the UK, Japanese sushi via Food Hub can be ordered and delivered with ease. The company’s mobile app is particularly easy to use, providing clear and accurate indications of when you can expect your Japanese sushi delivery.

One of Food Hub’s biggest points of appeal is the way in which the company is a strong supporter of smaller and independent restaurants and takeaways. You’ll find a dynamic and diverse range of dining options to choose from on food hub, along with the best Japanese sushi in London – courtesy of IRO Sushi.

Hungry House Japanese Sushi

Founded in 2006, Hungry House quickly became one of the most popular Japanese sushi delivery services worldwide. The company was founded in Australia, though would go on to become a staple on the scene in countless countries worldwide. Hungry House was officially taken over by Just Eat in 2018, becoming part of one of the world’s biggest and most successful food delivery networks.

Hungry House Japanese sushi delivery orders are now handled exclusively by Just Eat. Hungry House technically doesn’t exist anymore, but the company’s name is still well known in high-quality food delivery circles in London. 

Place your order for Hungry House Japanese sushi via Just Eat, or order directly from your nearest IRO Sushi to claim a 10% discount on your order.

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